can i request like literally any ryan-as-tom posts? it doesn't even matter what, they're basically swagtwins separated at birth

i will try, i’m not sure i have access to a ton of rising screencaps atm though hjghgh

sorry for the lack of recent updates!! i’ll put up a new post soon \o/

so. i have decided to incorporate some quotes from brooklyn nine-nine into this blog as well. the url will stay the same but i’ll just add into the description that i’m using p&r quotes along with b99 quotes, just because i’ve been wanting to do something with brooklyn99 and t&b but didn’t want to make a Whole New Blog

hopefully that is okay because i strive to make u all laugh. so.

These updates make my entire week. Thank you for existing, may you never stop existing.

i’m so glad that i can provide joy in your life

i love you also this isnt a question. my love for you is unquestionable

if you get the chance, please do one with jake martinez or jake and kriem because they are my forever secret faves.

yes i can i will find one for them soon *thumbs up emoji*